Why is Content Marketing Effective – Modern Day Advertisement


Content marketing. It is here, it is everywhere, it makes people’s brands go boom. The lack of content marketing makes the said brands go bankrupt or remain unnoticed with not enough leads to sustain themselves in the long run. Why is that? What makes content marketing better in comparison to traditional advertising or online advertisements?

Why is it that most marketing agencies result to content rather than other traditional forms of advertising, actually pushing more content than everything else? Because content works and it is effective, and here are the reasons why.

Nobody Likes Ads – Ad Blockers are Common

Since people absolutely despise ads, especially when watching a video or even worse, listening to a song they love, they use ad blockers. Ad blockers mean you don’t get to see any sort of advertisement on sites, including Twitch, YouTube and everything else. Regular sites will not have their ads displayed, meaning you will have an ad free experience and all those advertisers will have no profit from you.

Content bypasses that, because it is content, and not a direct way of advertising a product. Imagine reading an article about a product you want to purchase and then you get interrupted by a popup ad of that same product. That would make a lot of people reconsider. That is why regular content is encouraged. Many video game developers are great in this regard, Riot Games, for example, publishing content from their major regions all the time, engaging with the fans on an almost daily basis, at least video wise.

Less is More, Literally

Content marketing costs a lost less than outbound marketing, for example, it is up to 60% cheaper. That is great, but what about leads? Yes, it generates up to three times more leads than outbound marketing. It can be published daily and it will be appreciated by fans, who want and love to hear about their favorite products and services. Reducing cost is one of the ways of increasing revenue, especially since content marketing can and will bring you more followers and conversions.

Higher Conversion Rates

The statistics speak for themselves. Companies with a content marketing campaign bring in up to six times more conversions than their competitors who haven’t a content marketing campaign. What this means is that content is engaging and customers love that. Raising brand awareness and brand recall are some of content marketing’s specialties. 

People Spend More Time With Content

It has been shown that people love spending more time with content, meaning articles and videos, as opposed to regular advertisements. Content pieces are more natural and fluid, meaning that people will take them seriously, as opposed to regular advertisements which are often skipped due to them blatantly obviously being advertisements.

Content marketing is effective because it brings more leads, conversions, is a bit more down to earth and engages the customers. It also bypasses ad blockers by being content and not an actual advertisement, even though it technically is. Content should be a part of everyone’s marketing campaign.