What is Google Trends? – A Quick Guide on How to Use Google Trends


What is trending is not always good for your site, but it might very well be. Google Trends, another tool among the plethora of tools which you can use to track data and find interesting stuff about a lot of stuff. Yes, Google Trends is mostly used for keywords research, in other words, which keywords are trending at which time, but, it can also do a lot more. Coming from Google, like their many other tools, like Analytics, for example, Trends also sets a specific standard and does the things it was meant to do, right. Here is how you can use Google Trends to its maximum potential.

Google Trends – What’s Trending and What Will Be

Yes, while it is important to know what is trending at the moment, you are already late to the party. Publishing content takes time, because the said content needs to be created. In order to maximize profit, Google Trends should be used ahead of time. Some things you don’t need Google Trends for, for example, the upcoming FIFA EURO 2020. You know that it will be trending and you know that bookmakers and casinos will be all over it. What you might not know are the exact keywords that are going to be used. 

This is where Trends comes in, to show you what is going to be and what was. Their graphs are pretty straightforward, for example, fidget spinners, which were nowhere to be found until 2017, then peaked in the same year and had a very sharp decline, to almost 0 searches afterwards. That is not a good future investment while the EURO 2020 might be.

Know What to Avoid

You can check which keywords were spiked by sudden rises in popularity to determine whether they were popular only at a certain time, and then got back to their normal states. This way, you can avoid keywords which are a poor investment.

Use it as a Planner

While you might be too late to cover a topic which was already covered, something which took place two months ago, you can use Trends to find topics which are trending every year. Some topics will only be trending at a certain time, like the NBA Finals or Grand Slams in tennis. You can use this data to plan your year ahead of time, and prepare the content when the time is right.

Use Related Queries

Related keywords give you results which people search for after they had searched for your term, for example, bookmaker. Often, events which are taking place at the time are related queries, in this case, the Eurovision contest or the Oscars.

These are just some tips that can make your usage of Google Trends better.