Twitter Advertising – How to Make the Best of It


Twitter is one of those social media networks where you post short textual updates or post memes. Yes, memes are what everyone posts nowadays, even serious companies. Twitter is also a great platform to use if you want to do social media advertising. Since Twitter is a bit different than other platforms, you should know how to make the best out of it. Here are some tips which should help you do more with your Twitter advertising.

Twitter Ads – A Dedicated Service

Who would’ve thought that Twitter also has a service dedicated to advertising, just like Google and Facebook do? Well, everyone. It’s just not something people with regular accounts are often interested in.

In case you haven’t used Twitter Ads, you’ll have to enter some credentials, your country, time zone and payment details. Then you can set the ads up. This is where you need a bit of knowledge. You can target a specific audience based on their followers and hashtags. You can browse the things they are interested in and use that as a criteria. It is a comprehensive advertisement campaign manager. It is the official and easy way of doing advertising, having the service do it for you. You still have to prepare the tweets they will see.

Content Marketing – Necessary and Engaging

Content marketing is the other, human side of the coin. While the robots take care of the campaigns and target your audience, you get to make tweets and use emojis. Actually, you should be using everything, photos, emojis and especially GIFs. This can vary due to a target audience being more or less serious. The PC culture, for example, loves GIFs and memes. Other industries, such as the stock market, might not enjoy them that much.

Either way, content marketing is one of the essential ways of connecting with your followers. Make sure to follow some of your followers back. Get in contact with influencers, as well. Brand thrive when they have lots of contacts.

Pay Attention to Quality – Not Quantity

While you may have already set up your Twitter Ads campaign, you might not have decided on how to post your other content. Well, that can easily be solved by using a single person dedicated to content marketing on Twitter.

High quality posts which can engage followers are encouraged, rather than many posts out of which only a single one gets a response. The higher the quality of a post and the more engaging it is, the more likely it is that you will have customers and followers chatting and memeing with you. Either is good, as a brand needs a face to communicate with the people.

Advertising on Twitter is best done through their Twitter Ads platform. You can set everything up there. You can run the ads to whichever audience you want and choose from a variety of billing methods. You can also post content tweets yourself, engaging with the audience. The more followers you get, the better, and with these tips, you should be getting more of them.

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