The Biggest Content Marketing Fails You Could Make


When marketing doesn’t succeed, we ask ourselves why and how to correct it. The answers often come far too late. Them coming too late means that we already lost money not only once, when we made the bad marketing campaign, but also twice, when we didn’t get more leads and conversions from a successful one.

While this hurts, it is important to learn from it. People have made mistakes and we have learned. In order not to make the same mistakes with your company, here are some of the biggest content marketing fails, and how to avoid them.

A Lack of a Plan or Strategy

Whenever you are in business, lacking a plan or strategy can really cost you in the long run. These types of things should be avoided at all times. Not having a sound plan means that you are improvising as you go along and no successful business has been successful with improvisation other than music, and even musicians have methodical training to get to the level where they are comfortable on their instruments enough so that they can improvise without it getting in the way.

In other words, a strategy and plan are important and having none will spell doom for your content marketing campaign.

Missing the Point – Engagement is Key

You might hire a writer who can rival Stephen King and write you something worth of a couple of prizes, but that is not going to mean a single thing if the content does not hit what the fans and customers want. The same goes with videos and Stanley Kubricks you might find.

Content needs to be engaging and to resonate with your fans and community, in order for it to be effective. High quality content does not mean much if it is ignored by the community. Some may applaud the effort, but the community wants to interact and be entertained, not just to read and watch awesome articles and videos.

Statistics – They Are Marketing’s Ally

Ignoring the numbers could be the worst mistake you could make while doing marketing, including content. The numbers do not lie and they can tell you a story of how your articles and videos are doing in relation to the conversions and leads. That means avoiding making the same mistakes twice. Not making these mistakes can save you a lot of money in the long run. Statistics and data are here to help you. If you can’t understand the data all by yourself, that is why you should hire content marketing specialists.

There Are No Magic Pills

While we would like some wake up solutions like the ones in The Matrix, such do not exist. A good cup of coffee can only take you so far and you still must get some sleep. Just like with rest and coffee, so is content marketing not a magic pill which generates conversions immediately.

It provides you with opportunities to engage and bond with your community and followers. It can help establish your brand as a communicative and open one, meaning that you can get more people over time, but not instantly. Making sure that your expectations are in alignment with reality is encouraged, and for that, you must learn that content marketing can earn you followers over a longer period of time.

This is how you could fail in content marketing, so make sure to avoid these common mistakes.