Social Marketing Tools – How to Advertise More Easily


Social media marketing is an essential part of marketing, for any brand, small or large. To think that you only need a person in charge of an account to make your social marketing better is folly.

An artist is as good as their tools are. A good guitarist on a bad guitar will sound as good as the guitar allows them to, no matter how amazing they might be. Sure, you will transfer the sound to the ears of the listeners, but the quality of the sound will differentiate according to the quality of the instrument (and everything in the amplification section, if one is present).

Just like musicians, your social media marketing will suffer without the right tools. Here are some tools which will make your social media marketing a lot easier.


Managing multiple social media accounts is cumbersome, especially if a single person is managing them. In order to do things more efficiently, Hootsuite should be considered. It is a program which allows you to manage around 35 social media platforms from a single window. You can track what people are saying about you and your brand, but not only that, you can schedule posts on all the platforms. Scheduling posts saves you time in the long run. You can have only approved posts published, if that is what you want. This means that you can have an entire team managing your social media marketing, but that you get the final word on which post goes live when and if it goes live at all.


While it is great to monitor your own site and its success, it is also very important to monitor others and their success. You will not get far unless you know what the competition is doing. BuzzSumo helps you monitor what’s trending online, and no, it is not the same as Google Trends. While Trends show you what is trending, BuzzSumo also provides you with insight about different social media, like Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter and Reddit, even. It will also give you insight into other articles and how they are performing.


If you are in need of a designer, you might want to skip on them because Canva might have something for you. You can use their already created templates or create your own. Canva has a rather large library of over 2 million images and objects which you can use to create your own advertising image. You don’t need a designer when you can create stuff and publish it very quickly, on your own.


The name should be self-explanatory, right? Feedly gathers feed from links you add and provides you with information about influencers and sites you are interested in. Want to know what the competition is up to? No problem. Want to get a couple of good ideas? Again, no problem. Feedly is great if you want RSS feeds and information about what other sites are publishing.

Analytics – Google and Otherwise

You might want to use Google Analytics to track your pages, but if that is in any way conflicting, you can use each social media’s own analytics tool, which are at your disposal. Analyzing the data from your accounts is important and native tools or Google Analytics can help you immensely.

The list of tools could go on forever. It is important to know that while these tools are really good for managing social media marketing, there are so many more which might be more general or take care of a very specific task. Whichever you choose, do your research and see how it fits your own social media marketing campaign.