Instagram – Is it Useful for Written Content?


Ah, social media marketing needs to be done on multiple platforms in order to make the best out of it. People who browse Facebook do not care about Twitter sometimes. Those who post on Twitter do not care about Instagram. Those who follow people on Instagram stay on Instagram.

Covering multiple social media platforms is necessary but you should technically start with one to get the gist of things first. While they are similar, they are also different and you need to get used to that.

Facebook can take textual posts and so can Twitter, although shorter ones. What about Instagram? Is it any good for written content? Only to a degree.

Pictures, Pictures and More Pictures

The world of advertisement today revolves around pictures or videos. The more engaging it is and the less effort it requires out of the viewer, the better it is. This is, of course, just a foundation. Advertisements need to have content in order to be effective.

Instagram, like other photo sharing services/social media networks, is primarily picture-driven. You can post videos and short stories which last for only a day, at least unless they are saved as highlights. Written content, while still a necessary part of every photo and vidoe, especially if it is an advertisement, is not really a greater part of social media marketing, even though it plays a role.

Captions are Still Important – Keywords and Links

While text is not the primary tool of Instagram, it is still really useful in pointing out what your product or service does. You can enter an odd keyword here and there, but you can also link to your own product page. Either way, you should be aware that text, while important, only plays a secondary role in Instagram, which is after all, about images and image sharing.

Should You Consider a Special Content Writer for Instagram?

My advice is that you should skip on the content writer for Instagram and get an advertisement specialist to run your Instagram advertising campaign. Like any other platform, it has its own quirks and can make inexperienced people cost you money. Like with any other advertising campaign, a couple of wrong parameters and you lose money. Skip on the content writer and focus on advertising and engaging content, which should be photos and videos with just a pinch of text.

Instagram, being a photo and video social media service, will be better to you if you use photos and videos as the main tool for advertising. Text might help and is encouraged as part of the caption and description of one is necessary. Some photos need context so add it if you feel like it’s needed. With Instagram, you should definitely stick to photos and videos.