How To Start Writing? – It is Easier than You Think!


One of the best things in the world is writing, just ask any writer. Even popular writers, like Stephen King or George R.R. Martin, love writing. You cannot write so many novels if you dislike something.

For someone to start writing, especially as a profession, it must seem like a daunting task, right? Well, it is not. It seems difficult when you imagine writing a novel from scratch, as you cannot even comprehend all of the work that it will take. But, to write a sentence… That doesn’t seem that bad, right? Here is how you can start writing, and without much hassle.

Start Now – I am not Joking

If you want to do something, the best time to do it is right now. You want to write something, so sit down and do it. Take your laptop, or even a pen or pencil, if you actually like writing as opposed to typing and let out a couple of sentences. Start a simple story, a friend goes to the supermarket type, or even your own diary entry, but make it seem like it’s not you. That is if you want to write fiction.

If you want to write professionally, let’s say, as a copywriter, you should pick a subject you love, for example, knitting, and write a basic guide on how to select the right needles.

Choose Your Subject – Write about What You Like

Writing about subjects we are unfamiliar with is a really nerve-wrecking task. It takes time to learn about a certain subject, and even then, your knowledge is newborn and takes time to be processed, meaning you might and will mix data up. 

On the other hand, if you choose subjects you like, writing can be as easy as talking. Essentially, it is talking, but to a screen or piece of paper. If you know how to pronounce a sentence, you will know how to write it, as well.

Forget About Opinions – They Do and Don’t Matter

While opinions can give you a different perspective if they are anything but “I don’t like it”, or in other words, if they can elaborate on their criticism, they are often just that, expressions of a subjective opinion. Opinions should not matter, not even your own, actually, especially your own, as that is the first thing that might hinder you from even starting the process of writing. “What if I get it wrong?!” It doesn’t matter, just write. Nobody became a professional and amazing on their first try. Writing is about writing, and that is what you should be doing. In order to do that, you shouldn’t take opinions that seriously, not even your own.

Writing. Anyone can start it, but many are afraid. Forget about your fear and just type like you would normally speak. You will see that words will be flying all over the place in no time at all. Oh, and you will need a keyboard or touchscreen or a pen and paper. You do actually need some tools to write.