How to Post on Facebook – How to Successfully Advertise on Facebook


Social media networks are amazing and are quite a tool for many things. People meet there, spend time together, some even find their partners. Musicians and other artists find one another, and then there is advertisement.

Social media marketing is very common today, so common that every brand is doing it. It is necessary and it helps immensely to bring more followers to the brand.

Facebook is a social media network which is used to do many things, from advertising to meeting people. For advertising, there are a couple of ways to improve your lead generation and follower count. Here are tips on how to post to Facebook.

Be Human – Nobody Likes Corporate Entity Posts

Everyone likes a brand which has humans working for them. Post pictures of employees and have actual employees with a name engage with the community. Generic responses are really annoying and people feel like a chatbot responded, rather than an actual person. The posts should show that your brand has a face and name.

Show Off Your Content Daily – Memes Help

In today’s world, if you don’t meme, then you you’re not cool. A lot of serious brands which build serious stuff often meme about products and everything else. NZXT is popular for that on Twitter, often memeing about people asking for free PCs on a daily basis.

Showing your content off in a friendly and down to earth fashion helps keep the mood light. If you can’t admit the downsides of your product, then you’re not doing something right. People like engaging and funny posts, so make sure to post photos of your products on a daily basis. Casinos do this, by showing off their new tables, slot machines, or already existing, but updated products and rooms.

Targeted Audiences – Do Not Target Everyone

If you’re going to show your posts off, you should really target a specific audience, based on what your product is going to be selling. Sportsbooks target males who watch a lot of sports or are interested and have liked plenty of football, baseball or NBA clubs.

As do all the major brands, so should you target your audience. If you can get a bit more specific, that would be better than targeting a very broad audience. Be mindful not to overdo it.

Lookalike Audience! – More Leads

If you already have a following, you can use Facebook’s Lookalike Audience feature to send ads and posts to relevant people, who share similar interests with your already established audience.

Posting on Facebook, and Facebook marketing is relatively easy once you learn the gist of it. These tips should help you start that journey.