How Content Marketing Works – With Examples


Ah, you want to start a company? It’s already up? Good, where is it? Oh, you have a website, but so does everyone else. You also have a YouTube channel, with a single video? So why is it that your business is not succeeding even if you got everything right, from your product to your service? Well, content marketing is what’s missing, the content you need to publish to engage with your followers and to earn their attention and trust. How content marketing works, then? What do you need to do for it to be contributing to your sales and revenue? Here is what you need to do in order for your content marketing to be successful.

Your Brand Versus What the Customers Want

Content marketing works on a supply and demand basis. If the customers want something, then they get it. Well, they get it if a company is smart enough to supply them with what they want. This is where you advertise the product, via any sort of content, whether textual or otherwise. If gamers want a new RPG with choices and that has been lacking for years, then a developer will start advertising their RPG ahead of time, with some early gameplay footage, to entice the starved RPG fans.

Your brand can be something which is not suited for the market at the time, at least not a certain market. There must be a market somewhere in the world for your product, just be sure not to advertise it in the wrong one. Content marketing also means spending money so make sure that you spend it in the right location.

Content Marketing Can Also Be Low Cost But Effective

When people say content, they immediately think articles or videos. Content can be much more, like merchandise, advertisements on sites, music, anything and everything. Text is the easiest form of them all because writers are always readily available and with a good enough idea, your product can be all over the internet.

Reviews are also a part of content marketing, but they are often not done by the company itself or its affiliates. Although, paid reviews are a thing, but that literally hurts the brand and its integrity. Third party reviews are basically content pieces about your product or service. While you don’t have any control over them, if your product or service is good and your marketing leading up to its release, it can get good reviews, meaning more advertising. Make sure not to lie in your own marketing, as you will be called out for even the tiniest of errors. 

Content Is About Building Connections

Everyone wants their advertisements to generate leads, but one of the best ways to generate leads is to do it via communication and content is the perfect way to do it. Publishing a detailed piece on how you achieved something, showing some of the thought and engineering process behind it, invites other knowledgeable individuals to talk and discuss these things with you.

A dedicated expert should engage with the community, as it is also a scouting ground for potential talent. Direct communication between a company and its users and followers is encouraged, as it builds trust. Content can help bridge that gap. Companies should be more than an entity without a name. Putting the names to the brand helps bridge the gap and community posts, or content, help in that regard. For example AMD has a dedicated subreddit and people who often read it and comment there, including the CEO herself, Lisa Su. They also post official posts on the subreddit, interacting with the community.

Content marketing works through fan and follower engagement with you through what you have to offer them.