Google Keyword Planner – We Still Need It


In 2018, Google changed a bit of their AdWords suite to something simpler, Ads. It’s now called Google Ads. It’s basically an advertisement platform where you get to do research on keywords, ads, track them, set up your campaigns and earn money, which is what everyone wants. Setting up your pay per click or PPC campaigns is an essential step in growing your business.

With that change, Google also updated their Keyword Planner, a free tool which comes with Google Ads. Google Ads is free, and so is the Planner. But, do we still need it, in this world where keywords are becoming less important with each update to Google’s search engine algorithms? Yes, we still do, and here is why.

It’s an Essential Tool to Setting Up Campaigns

This tool is free, meaning you don’t have to pay money for it. This reduces costs and the money which would go into an otherwise similar tool goes directly into your advertisement campaign funding. But, what else can the planner do for you.

It helps you choose the best keywords for your use case. You do need to enter specific keywords which you consider related to your topic, like for example, online casino, online sportsbooks, online betting sites and depending on the market, betting online UK. the Planner now allows for multiple keywords to be entered, seed keywords, if you will, and it presents you with much better results for your type of business.

It’s a Tool Which Can Help You Determine Future Campaigns

The tool has much better forecasting, meaning that you can better use it to predict whether a keyword will be relevant in the months or years to come, depending on how long you plan to run a similar campaign for. Forecasting is important and while things change a lot faster in this modern world, Google still has the most data out of any company to predict movements and shifts.

It’s Designed For PPC Advertising

SEO users shouldn’t count on this tool too much. Its primary purpose was to be used with Google Ads, meaning PPC advertising. But while that is true, you can still learn a lot from a tool which displays lots of keywords for you, their strengths and weaknesses and the level of competition using them.

Be careful of what you enter in the search bar as that will directly influence the results you get. That may well affect the choices you make and the money you spend.

It Also Uses URLs for Keyword Research

The search bar of the new Planner is very good. It also takes into account any links you provide it with, giving you much better results than it used to. This levels the playing field between the free Planner and some other, much more expensive applications and services which had more features prior to the update.

Google’s Keyword Planner is a very good tool which you can still use to help you in your campaigns and even SEO. Plan on!

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