Expensive Versus Free Tool Packages – Which Ones do You Need?


This has always been the question of whether you should use free tools or purchase special ones. When it comes to software, purchased tools might be better, but they also might not. There are plenty of programs which advertise one thing and fail miserably at doing it. Now, today, open source and freeware software is much better, but that is not because we are an altruistic society, well, not altogether why. The reason behind this is that you can do much more when you make a project open source and when you engage with the community. There are also many more developers. But, do you need the paid tools? What are the benefits of paid software? Let’s dive a bit deeper.

Free Software – Free but What if You Need More?

Some software which is free can help you do some things right, like Open Office. It does everything you need from an office suite. It is not as pretty as Microsoft Office, but that is really not important when you need to get the work done.

DaVinci Resolve is a great piece of software, especially because you can get the free version. It does, however, have limited functionality, which is not something you want in a video editor.

For media replay, VLC is one of the most popular video players, even though it can play audio as well. Open source projects like OBS and GIMP, the streaming application and the photo editor, have no rivals in the world of free applications.

You will never need a better streaming application than OBS, but if you are a professional photo editor, you might need something more than GIMP can currently offer.

Paid Software – Sometimes Better, Not All the Time

The problem with paid software is that it is not all that great. DaVinci Resolve Studio is amazing, while Adobe Premiere Pro is also amazing but prone to crashes. You don’t want an expensive video editing software to crash on you while you have spent hours editing a video.

Adobe Photoshop, on the other hand, enables you to do anything you want with a photo, make it from scratch or turn an already existing one into something completely different.

While you could use Audacity to record audio, Cubase is a much better program, with many more options for a professional musician.

While not all paid software is better, it is often more specialized, offering you the tools you might need.

It Boils Down to What You Need

If you need the tools to complete a job, for example, make better recordings or edit videos in larger formats, with better compression quality, then you need better and paid software. If you are an amateur, learning your way to become better, you don’t need to pay for anything yet. A hobbyist might or might not need paid software, depending on how seriously they take their hobby.

If you are a hobbyist or amateur, use free software. If you plan on becoming a professional, then buy the tools you need to be one.