Basic Content Marketing Principles


Content marketing is something we cannot live without today. We are bombarded with content on a daily basis and we still have no idea what content marketing is and how it works. Some who understand that content marketing is pushing relevant content to the customers, in hopes of gaining new ones or retaining already existing customers get the gist of things, but not all the underlying principles. In order to understand how content marketing gets the job done, you need to understand its principles.

Here are the most important content marketing principles.

Be Yourself

If you want to market something, you have to do it in a way which hasn’t been done before. A change here, a hint of your own uniqueness there and the product will look different, not to mention the advertisement which you will place, whether video, photo or even content on a site. If you offer something which is even slightly different than the rest of the pack, your product will stand out. When talking about features, you always want to see review sites ticking more and more of them. This is where the right marketing can tick the right boxes.

Everyone Loves a Deal

Why should I buy your product when the competitors have better ones? Ah, it’s cheaper, you say… Everyone loves a good deal, especially when they are familiar with how the competition works and their pricing and product value. Casinos are good at this. They have some slot machines that the competitors do not and they advertise them as something special. They also often compete by using promotional codes. The better code and offer of games, table or video, often win more customers when advertised properly.

Schedule Your Advertisements

If you want your readers to be engaged in your content, you have to supply them with a steady flow of it. Every second day, you publish an article, every fourth day, you publish a video. And if you are consistent about it, your customers will always have something to look at, some way of communicating with you, or rather, you communicating to them. Community posts, roadmaps and sharing the development process, or the thoughts behind it, always engages the community, and works well in the tech business.

Popularity – More Is Better Than Less

A high quality video will only get you so far if you publish it on a single site. Publishing it on multiple sites, social media and the like, will get you more coverage. The more, the merrier. High quality content does not mean it will be popular, otherwise, all the good progressive rock bands and jazz musicians would have been millionaires or even more.

You have to share your content everywhere, using all the possible advertisement tools at your disposal. Content usually does not take off on its own.

Engage With Your Audience

If you just publish content which tells a story, it better be a really good story. Monologues like Hamlet’s will only get you so far in the world of advertising. You need to have your audience engaged with the content, in every way possible. You can do that by adding more meaning to the content, or adding ways where the audience can literally interact with the content, like a video with different endings based on their choices.

These are the basic content marketing principles which you should abide by if you want to be successful at it.