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The Principle objective of this policy is to prevent loss of or damage to the company's assets, and/or those belonging to others who could be affected by our activities. The most valuable of these assets are our employees, but property (personal or company), plant, equipment, materials, or unplanned interruptions to the work process come within the scope of the policy.

Secondary but equally important objectives of the policy include:- Acceptance by all personnel of Health and Safety and welfare as a major responsibility, which has equal status with other business disciplines such as quality production, etc., and for this to be supported by adequate training.

The progressive reduction of Health and Safety hazards by identification of those that exist and, by forward planning, to prevent others arising.

Fostering among employees the attitude of mind that safe working is an integral part of activities at work.

Ensuring that effective control systems, both physical and procedural, are available provided, maintained and used where necessary.

Regularly monitoring and reviewing and assessing the company's state of Health and Safety and reviewing this policy annually or more frequently should the need arise.


Monitoring the effectiveness of the Health and Safety policy is essential to maintaining a safe and healthy working environment and particular attention will be paid to:

The accidental and ill health record of the company

The standards of compliance with legal requirements or codes of practise relating to Health and Safety.

The extent to which the company specifies, and achieves, within a certain timescale certain long term objectives.

The extent of compliance with the organisational and arrangement sections of the company's own policy manual including in particular the systems of work developed by the company to meet its own needs.

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